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On 5-15-2020 officers were called to a dispute in the 700 block of Suthoff St. Officers spoke with the female complainant who stated that the argument began over numerous visitors being at the residence. The dispute was settled and officers left the residence. Officers were called back to the residence later that evening for another dispute and spoke with the same complainant. The female claimed at this time that she was assaulted earlier in the day. Officers advised the female of the victim filing procedures for Allen County if she wished to pursue charges.

On 5-15-2020 officers met with a juvenile female and her mother at the Delphos Police Department. The female told officers that she was touched inappropriately by an adult male who made advances towards her. The incident is being investigated by the Detective Bureau.

On 5-16-2020 officers were dispatched to a residence in the 600 block of N. Bredeick St, multiple times on this date for a dispute between a male and a female. During the last incident at the residence officers arrested the female, 51 year old Debra Etzkorn, of Delphos, for Persistent Disorderly Conduct. Etzkorn will appear in Van Wert Municipal Court to face the charge.

On 5-18-2020 officers were sent to locate a juvenile female who was reported missing from Lima. Officers were advised that the female may be with a juvenile male who lives in Delphos. Officers checked the males residence, but neither he nor the female were there. Officers knew the male had been ordered to be on house arrest for previous incidents and was currently violating that order. The report will be forwarded to the juveniles probation officer for review.

On 5-20-2020 officers were dispatched to the 500 block of W. 3rd St, to investigate a suspicious male. Officers arrived and spoke with the female resident. She informed officers that the male was her ex-boyfriend and that he was not supposed to be on her property. Officers located the male who was now back at his residence. The male did admit to being on the females property and was warned to cease all contact with her unless it involved their child.

On 5-22-2020 officers on patrol conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle after observing the vehicle to have an equipment violation. During the traffic stop officers received consent to search the vehicle and did so. During the search of the vehicle officers found items which are not to be possessed by persons under the age of 21. The items were confiscated and three occupants were given a warning for the offense and then released.

On 5-23-2020 officers took a report from a male who stated that a license plate was removed from his trailer which was parked at a different location.

On 5-25-2020 officers met with a male in the 700 block of S. Washington St, in reference to a Theft incident. The male told officers that two withdrawals were made from his stimulus card and gave officers the name of a possible suspect. Officers spoke with a male who admitted to taking the money. The complainant only requested that the money be returned in lieu of charges.

On 5-27-2020 officers were dispatched to a disturbance in the 600 block of W. 6th St. Upon arrival officers met with all parties involved. Officers spoke with a female who stated that she was bitten by a dog after it broke free of its collar while being walked. Officers observed only a minor scratch and advised the female that she could follow up with the Van Wert County Dog Warden’s Office.


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