Ohio’s Governor reminding residents to keep up their efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 as the state slowly returns to normal.

Your Hometown Stations News Director, Jeff Fitzgerald had the chance to do a one on one interview with Governor Mike DeWine before the Memorial Day weekend. He asked if DeWine was nervous as Ohio continues to open more and more business. DeWine says he was but was optimistic about what information he got about the first day for inside dining.

“I think in the whole state there were only eight warnings given, something like that and one citation, so that’s a pretty good night,” says Gov. Mike DeWine. “Now as we get into the weekend, obviously more people will be going out. But the thing that I am just asking people to do, we got to get through this, we got to learn to live with this virus, just keeping some distance, enjoying yourself but just being careful. That is going to get us through this.”

DeWine says Ohio is trying to find that balance of opening businesses up and keeping people safe and adds that there are more practices in place at businesses to do just that.

Click here to watch the entire interview with Governor Mike DeWine.


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