Dozens of pugs rescued from Lima puppy mill

A number of dogs will soon need homes after being rescued from a puppy mill situation here in the area. The Ohio SPCA is now caring for 22 adult pugs, 8 one-week-old pugs and a giant schnauzer after saving them all from the living room of a local home. Officials with the SPCA believe the dogs have lived in their cages for the entirety of their lives and the homeowner was breeding them for profit.

"In Lima we're overwhelmed with hoarding type of cases, people breeding, backyard breeders. We do the best we can but this particular situation I'm pleased with because this was the start of a huge puppy mill. I mean this was just the start. This could have wound up a whole lot bigger, so I'm glad that we stopped it. We stopped her from the breeding and we'll get these guys a good home," Ohio SPCA Shelter Director Elise McCoy said.

Despite their situation, McCoy says all the dogs seem friendly, and most of them besides the newborn puppies, should be up for adoption soon. You can contact the SPCA by calling 419-991-1775 or visiting the shelter off Elida Road.