Elida high school students learn about drugs

Monday, students at Elida High School received a lesson about a health topic that affects hundreds of Ohioans.

Throughout the morning, students in Mark Thompson's health class got a chance to learn more about prescription drugs and opioid abuse.

Guest speaker, Shelly Metzger, a Mercy Health-St. Rita's Medical Center pharmacist, explained the differences between drugs and how to best store prescription drugs. 

Students also participated in an interactive, candy versus medication game, where they had to figure out which image was a piece of candy and which one was a drug. Although she said only one out of seven teens abuse medication, she believes it is still important to empower them. 

"Just wanted to educate them and let them know that it's not the majority of them that are abusing it and their voice can make a difference," said Metzger. "They don't have to say yes and we just educate them on the knowledge of medication safety and how to use them appropriately and  when they are used appropriately they are for the good."  

In addition to the presentation, Metzger also spoke with students at Shawnee High School and Lima Central Catholic High School.