Elida High School Students Offer Web Design Business

The company was just started this year. It's actually run out of the high school by students, and they've already started servicing local businesses in the area. 

"It sends it to the computer," Grit9 Secretary Chelsey Spicer said. 

Then for example if you want to share photos with your entire family

"Then this is what they do they put it on a DVD or a flash drive, and they distribute it to their families so everyone has the family photos," Spicer said. 

Photo scanning is just one service offered by Elida High School students through their business Grit9 Design.

"So Grit9 is a company we run out of our classroom. We provide web design and photo scanning and VHS to DVD conversion, all within the day to day classes," Grit9 Director Mark Suter said. 

Suter says their primary business is web design. Clients will typically get ahold of them through email. The client will come in for a consultation and then they get to work. 

"We also throw in some of what we think they should have and what's best for them, and if they don't like it, then that's fine and we do what they want," Grit9 President Evan Yonut said. 

"We also include a personal training at the end of that because nobody likes to have a middle man to update their website," Suter said. 

All the money they make, goes right back into the club. Suter says most his students don't even plan to go into web design, but it's the fundamental skills they're learning that are so important. 

"Skills they can apply in every single day, your job included, that they need these skills and our economy needs these skills," Suter said. 

Since their company is so new, they're still trying to get the word out. You can find out more for yourself by visiting their website grit9.com.