Family Promise officially opens Sprague Transitional Home

Through a family donation, Family Promise can now use this Lima residence to combat homelessness.

This process has been in the works for a year now since the Sprague family donated their family home of 730 W. Elm St. to Family Promise of Lima-Allen County. Now this location will be a transitional home for up to three families at a time, as they build to be financially independent.

"Homeless(ness) is obviously a huge issue no matter where you are, if you’re in Lima, Cincinnati or Columbus it’s a huge issue," said Laurin Sprague, a member of the family that donated the house. "If we can do more for the homeless in our country, then we’re all for it."

"What this is doing is moving them into more of a case managed self-sufficiency to where they’re learning budgeting, they’re learning how to maintain a home and things like that," Executive Director of Family Promise, Russ Thomas, said. "This is just fill in that gap of that middle step into something that’s going to be there’s permanently." 

Family Promise supports families through a network of churches. There it’s determined who qualifies to move into a home for a year at a low cost. One family has already moved into the Sprague Transitional Home and are seeing a difference.

"Nowadays with the economy, it’s kind of hard when you really don’t have the means of income," said Indya Wood, the new resident with her family in the transitional home. "The way that they have it set up where we can afford to house our children and afford to take care of our family."

United Way provided the funds to renovate the house and almost all work done was by volunteers. This project has sparked the beginning to more transitional homes for Family Promise.