Former Hilty Home nurse found guilty on two of three charges

A former nurse of Hilty Home was found guilty on two of three charges today.

32-year-old Megan Schnipke was found by a jury to be guilty of forgery and gross patient neglect. They found her not guilty on patient neglect. Closing arguments came in the late morning on day three of Schnipke's trial. She was the supervising nurse the night of January 7, 2018, when 76-year-old Phyllis Campbell died outside Hilty Home in Pandora. Campbell was known as an elopement risk and prosecution argued Schnipke is to blame when she left Campbell unattended for 20 minutes. The defense argued that Schnipke is not criminally that blame goes higher up the chain than the nurse on shift.

"All she had to do was to peer into the room, quietly as a mouse, to check and see how Phyllis was doing, knowing that she had been agitated and a wanderer," Gary Lammers said, Putnam County Prosecutor. "But yet, from 12:15 (until) the time she leaves, she never does. And when she does leave the area she doesn't take any protective measures to ensure her safety."

"They sanction that and they didn't train accordingly," said Robert Grzybowski, defense attorney. "You heard about the lack of training. The lack of staff. Third shift had three people manning a unit with 33 people."

A sentencing date should be scheduled within the next 30 to 45 days.

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