More than 200 new students made the trip to Bluffton to start a new journey.

Freshmen move-in day at Bluffton University 2.jpg

Friday marked the first day for incoming freshmen to move into their dorms at Bluffton University. There were a number of student volunteers waiting to help unload cars and make the move a bit easier. The university has many events planned for the weekend to get students adjusted to the new setting, including the Bluffton Olympics. The freshmen are ready to jump into everything Bluffton has to offer.

Freshmen move-in day at Bluffton University 1.jpg

Incoming Freshman Grace Zickafoose is ready to begin the year. “I am very excited, kind of nervous, but that is just like every other freshman. I’m coming in this with a lot of experience, I would say being on this campus, so I know my way around which is super exciting.”

She also spoke about her family history with the college. “I have a long line of family members that came here; my dad, my mom, my brother, two sisters, aunts, uncles so this is kind of a family tradition.”


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