A current helium shortage is now causing several industries to figure out just how they'll make it through.

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According to scientists, the helium shortage has been years in the making and has caused the price of helium to rise. This shortage is currently impacting the medical industry which uses helium as a coolant in magnet resonance imaging and for MRI scans. It also impacts the welding industry and retailers who sell balloons. Despite the shortage, the owner of the Delphos party supply store, celebrations, said they haven't had any problem getting the helium they need. But, she said if it ever becomes a problem, they are fully prepared.

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“We’ve still been able to get the helium and if it does come to a time where we can’t get the helium or it isn’t cost-effective for us to get it, we offer a lot of air-filled designs that we don’t even need the helium for,” said Tammy Corzine, Celebrations owner.

Scientists still aren't sure when or if helium will run out anytime soon.