Lake Improvement Association holds debate

A three way debate between Republican candidates Travis Faber, Susan Manchester, and Aaron Heilers was held at the monthly Lake Improvement Association meeting in Celina. The candidates are running for the seat for the 84th District of the Ohio House of Representatives.

Questions of all kinds from gun control to agriculture to the opioid epidemic were brought to the table, with each candidate having time to talk about what they would like to do for the district. But one of the biggest topics covered was Grand Lake St. Marys, and what each candidate hopes to be able to accomplish for the lake - and all three have their own ideas on how to have people work together to work on the lake.

"The Lake Improvement Association is one example of a group that’s doing a lot of work to move the lake forward, and as state representative, I would make sure that I’m coming alongside this community organizations to ensure that they’re getting the resources and funding that they need to continue on the right path to make the lake what it once was," said Manchester.

"The biggest thing that we need to do is promote the lake - this is one of the greatest resources our community has and we need to change this perception that this is a dead lake that the people can’t use," said Faber. "This is a lake that I’ve gone boating on every single year, and it’s a lake that the people should come in and use. The problems that we’ve had in the past, we are working on them."

"I would like to continue the trajectory that we’re on, with our progress with agriculture out there and for many different practices that have improved the water quality that were seeing coming into the lake, obviously with that water quality coming in, the lake is going to improve over the long term," said Heilers.

All three candidates will be on the primary ballot on May 8th.