Lima man dies shortly after being dropped off at the hospital

The Lima Police Department is looking into the death of 39-year-old Brandon Basinger of Lima.

Basinger was dropped off at Mercy Health-St. Rita's just after 6 p.m. Monday night, by two men and one woman. The trio drove off after medical staff got Basinger into the hospital, he was pronounced dead shortly after. The police were able to identify the three individuals and are attempting to locate them. But they are asking if anyone knows anything about Basinger’s whereabouts before he arrived at the hospital you are asked to call the Lima Police Department 419-227-4444.

Media Release from Lima Police Department 7/21/20: On 7/20/2020, around 6:15 p.m., a car pulled up to Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center, with an unresponsive male, who wasn’t breathing, in the back seat of the vehicle.  The unresponsive male was later identified39 year old Brandon Basinger, of Lima.  The other individuals in the vehicle alerted Emergency Room staff, who quickly began lifesaving measures.  After Mr. Basinger was removed from the vehicle, and he was rushed inside by the staff, the two white males and white female who were in the car, fled.  The hospital staff were not able to revive Brandon Basinger and he was pronounced dead shortly after being removed from the vehicle.  The LPD detective was able to identify the three individuals who dropped Mr. Basinger off at the hospital and are still attempting to locate and make contact with them, to  investigate further.  If anyone has any information about Mr. Basinger’s travels leading up to him being dropped off at the hospital, please contact the Lima Police Department at 419-227-4444 or Detective Steve Stechschulte at 419-221-5181.


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