All most all counties in West Central Ohio see a drop in unemployment for the month of September. According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Allen County was the only county in our area to see an increase from 5.3% in August to 6.1% in September.  Mercer (3.1%) and Putnam (3.3%) Counties are in the bottom five of having the lowest unemployment rate in the state.

Most counties in the area fell between 0.2% to 0.5%.  Paulding county had the biggest drop from 5.3% to 4.2% in September.   Overall, the State of Ohio went from 5.1% in August to 4.6% in September, which is the same has the unemployment rate nationwide.   

County               Sept. 21’         Aug. 21’

Allen                     6.1%               5.3%

Auglaize               3.7%               4.0%

Putnam                3.3%               3.7%

Mercer                 3.1%               3.4%

Hancock               3.8%               4.2%

Hardin                  5.1%               5.3%

Logan                   4.0%               4.5%

Shelby                  4.1%               4.5%

Van Wert               3.7%               4.1%

Paulding                4.2%               5.3%

Ohio                      4.6%              5.1%        

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