National School Bus Safety Week

The Ohio State Highway Patrol did a ride along with the Allen East School District to see if they could catch any traffic violators.

This was part of National School Bus Safety Week, which is October 21st to 26th. Buses not only had their driver on board, but also a state trooper. This week is to remind motorists, students, and school bus drivers the important role they have in ensuring children's safety.

Sgt. Nick Boes says, "The goal is today is to promote traffic safety. Want to make sure that no one's endangering the children. We want to make sure that everyone is stopping whenever the bus has its sign out. Make sure no ones speeding in these reduced zones."

Motorists are required to stop at least ten feet from a bus when the bus is loading or unloading children while having its stop sign out.

The reason school buses have those stop signs is so children can get across the street safely.