A solution to pension problem that affects 65,000 Ohioans hasn't been forgotten by the state's two Ohio senators.

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Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman and Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown are currently working on a bipartisan bill. This bill would potentially help the people in the Central State Pension Fund who are worried that over half their pension has been lost due to the government loophole.

Last year Brown introduced the Butch Lewis Act as a possible solution to the problem. But while the act has not gained traction in Washington yet, he is hopeful that this year it will make it to a vote.

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“Senator Rob Portman and I will write a bipartisan bill that will work for people to fix this pension system in a way that is not a bail out, but makes sense,” said Brown. “It will be a loan program and it could be done right.”

In addition to this bipartisan bill, the two senators have also recently introduced the Pension Accountability Act. This is a bill that will help protect Ohioans from having their pension cut without having any say in the process.