These bitter temperatures outside can not only cause problems for us but for our pets as well.

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Indoor pets that have to go outside to do their business are not acclimated to these subzero temperatures. So you if walk them or let them out the door, they should not be out for extended periods of times. They can easily succumb to winter tragedies such as hypothermia and frostbite.

If you have an outdoor pet, they're more used to the cold and have built up their winter coat, but with temps below zero and wind chills in the double negatives, they will need some extra care.

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"The metabolic rate for this animals increases dramatically so they need excessive amounts of water, you know more water than what they would need during the hot time of the year. Their calorie intake might need be increased, I recommend people taking warm food out to their animals, making sure they have a way to get out of the wind," said Nathan Metz, veterinarian.

Metz says not to take outdoor pets inside to the heat as that is not good for them either. An unheated garage, a dog house with bedding, even a box or tote with a small hole cut into it can give them shelter from the wind and cold.

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