An Ohio Senator is currently disappointed with the United States Post Office after failing to comply with a law he has been fighting for many years.

Portman urges federal agencies to comply with STOP Act 1.jpg

In 2018, Senator Rob Portman helped sign into law the Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention Act or STOP Act. This is a law that has required USPS workers to track data from 70% of packages coming in from foreign countries and 100% of packages from China.

The law was set up to fight the rise of Fentanyl sent through the mail. Right now the post office is only tracking 70% of China packages and 50% overall. Portman has recently written a letter to federal agonies in hopes of getting them to comply with his law.

Portman urges federal agencies to comply with STOP Act 2.jpg

“My hope is that the post office will take our letter and use it as a way to light a fire under their individual post office entry points- international postal entry points across the country and require that information,” said Portman.

If the federal agencies continue to not comply with the STOP Act, packages from foreign countries may not be accepted in the United States by 2020.