Six siblings adopted by two families

A special adoption took place in Allen County on Thursday and our Eran Hami was there to witness the rare circumstances.

It's an exciting time for six children as they complete their adoption process. It's a unique one because these children are adopted by two different families.

Gabe and Amy Thornburg met 5-year-old Bella, 9-year-old Aurora and 11-year-old Ellissa three years ago. Before even meeting the girls, Gabe said he knew he loved them when he heard about them. On Thursday, they legally became his children.

"These are our girls legally. Emotionally they've been our girls for a long time but today they're legally our children," said Gabe Thornburg.

Those three girls have three other siblings: 3-year-old Timmy, 4-year-old Tobias, and 8-year-old Josiah. Jeremy Kindle and Scott Steffas became parents to those three boys on Thursday.

"We're very blessed we firmly believe that God put these kids in our home and it is an honor and a privilege to adopt them today," said Jeremy Kindle.

Cynthia Scanland of Children Services said it's pretty rare three siblings get adopted together. It's never happened here where six siblings are adopted, let alone to two families.

Many helped with the process and took the day in with a smile.

"Some of these kids have a really rough start in life. It's nice to see them land in a good place so it's always pretty gratifying to see the adoption process and see the end of a rough start," said Judge Glenn Derryberry.

"And hearing some of the negative things that's tearing our community up, I was really wishing that more people could see the love and beauty that's happening here. This is a beautiful thing. This is a miracle, it truly is," said Mark Davis, attorney.

Each family previously adopted children so adding a few more required a few changes.

"When we started the foster care process we started in a two bedroom apartment. So yes, we had to move and upgrade to accommodate four lovely young ladies yes," said Amy Thornburg.

Since we've gotten them, I decided to be a stay at home dad. So I'm not working anymore. It's making a lot of, a lot of differences in our home but, we are doing great," said Scott Steffas.

Both families have committed to strong communication and the siblings will surely still be in each other's lives.