The American Association of Suicidology releases updated recommendations on talking about suicide.jpg

The American Association of Suicidology has released some recommendations on the best way for the media to cover the subject of suicide.

One of the key points from the recommendations is to not oversimplify the reasons people die by suicide or to glamorize the act itself. Doing those things can make it seem like an easy task that anyone could do.

Along with avoiding any graphic details of the situation, people should also be conscious of the image they are projecting when they say seemingly innocent things like "commit suicide".

"Another thing that's very important is understanding the language behind suicide, how we can reduce the stigma," said Donna Dickman, Director for the Partnership for Violence Free Families. "If we're eliminating the word 'commit suicide', commit really looks at that as being related to crime, as criminal behavior, or a lack of moral judgement and so that's like committing a sin or committing a crime so we're trying to reduce that language, too."

Dickman says that instead of saying "committed", folks should say that someone died by suicide because that removes the implication that there was a moral failure on the deceased person's part, and could make those contemplating feel more comfortable discussing the subject.

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