Three Lima Senior students hold DECA state office positions

A long time Lima City School career tech program has made history at the state level.

Three Lima Senior students now hold 3 of the 7 state office positions for DECA. The marketing education program at the school has two chapters as the program is so popular with the students. To earn the state office seats these Spartans had to complete several tasks that could include a screening process, testing, impromptu questions and interviews along with writing press releases. All these students say DECA has been a rewarding experience.

"Honestly more than just a marketing program, it's more community based and we really want to get out and serve our community as well, yeah," said Cora Bicknell, DECA State Public Relations Officer.

The three students are Dalonte Manley who is the Vice President of Leadership Development, Quinn Gable who is the Vice President of Community Outreach, and Cora Bicknell who is the Public Relations Officer. Each of these students just competed in the Ohio DECA competition and will now head to nationals in Atlanta representing not only Lima Senior but Ohio as well in their new capacity as state officers.