Vax-A-Million program being adopted by other states

Ohio started a growing trend of offering a chance of one million dollars or free scholarships for people who have gotten their COVID vaccine.

Vax-A-Million program being adopted by other states

Since Ohio announced the Vax-A-Million giveaway on May 13th, other states have picked up the idea and ran with it. New York, Colorado, Maryland, and Oregon have announced their own lotteries for cash prizes and California topped everyone by announcing they will be giving away 10 $1.5 million-dollar prizes to vaccinated resides next month. Governor Mike DeWine says over the last 15 months governors across the country have been talking to one another to find out what is working and not working in their state during the pandemic. DeWine wasn’t surprised when others came calling after Ohio saw a 24% increase of people getting their shots after announcing the Vax-A-Million program.

“It always goes on with governors, we have, we say the 50 laboratories of democracy, we see what works in one area and other governors can copy it,” says DeWine. “I do that all the time. So I don’t think that it was a surprise when other governors saw that this was working they reached out to us for information. As always, we are very open, just as they are open to us. This is an area that it doesn’t matter if it is Democrat or Republican governors, we are all in this, we are all in this trying to get out of this pandemic we are in.”

Vax-A-Million program being adopted by other states

Besides the $1 million dollar giveaway for adults, New York is also offering a chance to win a scholarship for students 12 to 17 years old who have gotten vaccinated.

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