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With the partial government shutdown in its fourth week, the effects have started to trickle down to the college students in the country.

Students who look for financial aid must file their "FAFSA" or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. In order to complete that, they need info directly from the IRS. Unfortunately for them, because of the shutdown, they can't access that information.

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With the impending snow, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has a few recommendations for drivers.

Lt. Tim Grigsby advises people to get their errands done ahead of the weekend to avoid driving in the poor conditions. If you do have to drive, he said to increase your following distance as well plan more time for your trip. 

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President Trump continued to defend the idea of a southern border wall as he made a trip south to McAllen, Texas.

The President held a round table discussion on immigration and border security as he looks to secure $5.7 billion for a wall. Trump has thought about declaring a national emergency if he cannot secure funding and end the partial government shutdown. Senator Sherrod Brown said he sees the only way the shutdown ending if congress does it's job to get a bill done and if the president vetoes it, they would have to override that.

Just like President Donald Trump, Senator Rob Portman (OH-R) agrees there should be better fencing along the Mexico border, but for reasons of his own. In light of the government shutdown, the Ohio senator says funding for better fencing is important because it will help stop human trafficking and will provide border patrol with tools to help them respond quickly to those who are entering illegally into the United States. More importantly, he believes that better fencing will help prevent the importation of illegal drugs.