Investigative Unit Agents issue citation for Lima and Kenton bars

Rays place in Lima was cited as improper conduct for disorderly activity.  Agents saw numerous customers standing in large groups while drinking and the staff did nothing to enforce any social distancing.  Spirits 68 in Kenton was cited for after-hours sales and improper conduct.  Agents saw the permit holder selling alcoholic beverages at 10:45 pm and 11 pm which is past the 10 pm cut off for sales.  The agents also saw a lack of social distancing inside the business.  Their cases will go before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission who could give them fines and/or suspend or revoke their liquor permits. 

Columbus - Agents visited the following liquor-permitted establishments and issued citations after witnessing the violations:   

Scoreboard Tavern Inc., known as Scoreboard Tavern, Euclid, received a citation for after hours consumption – Rule 80, hindering or obstructing inspection, and insanitary conditions. Agents arrived at 11:40 p.m. and from the outside observed six to eight people inside the premises, most of whom could be seen possessing and/or consuming alcoholic beverages. The bar staff did not allow the agents to enter the establishments until the alcoholic beverages were removed from the bar. One patron was found to be hiding their beer under the bar.

BLICENCE1 Inc., Operating as B Stone, Euclid, received a citation for after hours consumption – Rule 80.  Agents arrived at 12:35 a.m. and observed approximately 15 people inside. One patron was seen consuming a beer. The liquor permit was also cited for violating Rule 80 on September 25.

J T R Inc., known as Rays Place, Lima, received a citation for improper conduct – disorderly activity. While inside the establishment, agents observed numerous patrons walking around and standing in large groups while consuming alcoholic beverages. Agents did not observe any attempts by bar staff to enforce the social distancing directives. Lima Police Department assisted the agents with the crowd.

Spirits 68 LLC., known as Spirits 68, Kenton, received a citation for after hours sale – Rule 80, after hours consumption – Rule 80 and improper conduct – disorderly activity. Agents observed a packed bar with people consuming alcoholic beverages while standing. No social distancing guidelines were being followed or enforced inside the establishment. The permit holder was observed selling alcoholic beverages at 10:45 p.m. and after 11 p.m. Patrons were also observed consuming alcoholic beverages after 11 p.m.  Kenton Police Department assisted agents with the crowd.

These cases will go before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for potential penalties, including fines and/or the suspension or revocation of liquor permits.  

“We continue to work with our law enforcement partners and local health departments following up on complaints to ensure liquor-permitted establishments maintain compliance, so everyone can enjoy a healthy experience,” said OIU Enforcement Commander Eric Wolf. “When egregious violations are observed, enforcement action is taken. We all need to continue to work together by following the precautions put in place to make these establishments safe and compliant with the directives.” 

The Ohio Investigative Unit is made up of fully-sworn, plainclothes peace officers responsible for enforcing Ohio’s alcohol, tobacco, and food stamp fraud laws. Agents conduct compliance checks to ensure the liquor permit premises are compliant with the Ohio Liquor Control Act. Agents also act on complaints of illegal activity on liquor permit premises. In addition to providing the safety checks associated with the COVID-19 directives, OIU agents continue to perform their normal compliance checks to ensure the liquor permit premises are complying with the Ohio Liquor Control Act. 



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