Coming along with the snow, there will be some brutally cold temperatures right behind it. Amber Cole of Lima Memorial gave out some tips on how to beat the chill. Her number one rule is if you don't have to be outside, avoid it unless it is for emergencies. More >>

The incoming snow has people asking what constitutes a roadway emergency. So we spoke to Emergency Management Director Tom Berger to break it down. There are three different roadway levels. Level One is a roadway advisory.  More >>

As President Trump and Democrats continue to dig in deeper over 5.7 billion dollars in funding for more sections of a border wall, one Ohio senator is working with others to find a solution. Senator Rob Portman has joined a bipartisan group of U.S. senators to examine a solution to end the d… More >>

A Waynesfield area man will have another psychological evaluation to determine if he can stand trial on attempted murder charges. 47-year-old Dale Agnew was ordered Friday to undergo another examination by a mental health professional to determine his current mental state. More >>