Both Ohio Senators are joining other lawmakers to make sure that rural parts of the United States have good internet access.Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown helped introduce the “Rural Broadband Acceleration Act.”  The bipartisan bill will bolster efforts to expand access to rural broa… More >>

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You can't hide from the scorching heat this summer, but you can protect yourself from its harmful rays by using sunscreen. But are you using the correct SPF? Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, might be confusing when you're going to buy sunscreen for you or your family. The SPF number is multipl… More >>

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Even though the roads are not going to be as busy as past years on the 4th, AAA says there will still be millions of Americans hitting the road to celebrate America’s birthday. It’s another holiday weekend and people are eager to get out and travel for their celebrations, something many peop… More >>

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This week, major companies pulled or threatened to pull their ads from Facebook if they couldn't do more to restrict what people consider as hate speech. Reddit, Twitch, and YouTube have taken steps recently to remove content that is deemed hateful or provoked violence. But as the protesting… More >>

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The state is launching the public health advisory system, a county by county approach using data to assess the state of each county. It’s a 4-level system and uses 7 indicators. The higher the level the more cautious and restrictive people must be. Allen County is currently at level 2 (Alert… More >>

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We caught up with State Sen. Matt Huffman to talk about how the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on if public funding will support private schools, and will it affect Ohio. In short, Huffman says that it won't. Ohio has no such law like the one in Montana that prevented government money to be used … More >>

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The Ada community is mourning the loss of a recent high school graduate after a car crash last night. The Hardin County Sheriff's office confirmed 18-year-old Alex Sweigart died in a car crash at the intersection of St. Rt. 81 and Co. Rd. 65. At 5:30 Monday evening, Sweigart and a passenger … More >>

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Although you may be seeing gas prices continually rising, they will hit record lows this holiday weekend. This Independence Day will mark the lowest average price per gallon of gas on the holiday since 2004. Because of the pandemic, less people are leaving their homes, therefore the demand f… More >>

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Unexpectedly, Gov. Mike DeWine took the stage for his coronavirus briefing today rather than Tuesday to announce another opening. On July 20, outdoor visitation at nursing homes will be allowed to begin. On June 8, the state began outdoor visitation for assisted living facilities and interme… More >>

Kings Island has released a point of view video of their newest roller coaster, which will be the tallest and fastest at their amusement park. Orion is the 10th fastest roller coaster in the world, reaching speeds of up to 91 mph.  Orion is also one of only seven giga coasters in the world, … More >>

The numbers are in for the Ohio housing market in the month of May, and it looks like the pandemic has had an effect on it. This May compared to May 2019, saw a 25 percent decrease in home sales. But the average price of a home actually was up. One realtor says this is due to a shortage of h… More >>

From Wednesday to Thursday, the state has seen one of the largest spike's in case numbers in weeks. Almost 900 new cases were reported and DeWine says 60 percent of them are people in the 20 to 49 year-old age range. DeWine says his analysts don't believe this is due to the increased number … More >>

The U.S. Senate is trying to keep United States’ funded research out of the hands of foreign interest. This past week, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, introduced the bipartisan supported “Safeguarding American Innovations Act.” The bill will help stop foreign governments, particularly China, from … More >>

Gov. Mike DeWine has signed an executive order that could affect some people collecting unemployment benefits.The order signed last week states people who are called back to work but refuse to go, may lose their unemployment payments. It applies to those people who are called back to the sam… More >>

Rhodes State College is helping train health career students around Ohio. Rhodes is part of a health education consortium, which is made up of partner schools from around Ohio. The partnership gives students the chance to specialize in areas like respiratory care, even though their local col… More >>

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you may still searching for that perfect gift for dad. Well, we set out to see what hot ticket items were flying off the shelf for this Father’s Day. It’s another holiday spent in a pandemic, so it’s not your typical Father’s Day. Many of us saw th… More >>

Although Coronavirus cases made a jump today, Gov. Mike DeWine says Ohio has been trending down in numbers, but he is concerned about a few places.DeWine expressed his concern for the Southwest Ohio area. Counties in that area have seen a spike in cases. DeWine unveiled a plan to deal with h… More >>

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected President Donald Trump's effort to end the DACA program. The justices rejected administration arguments that the eight-year-old Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is illegal and that courts have no role to play in reviewing the decision to end … More >>

During his coronavirus briefing, Gov. Mike DeWine addressed the spread of the virus and some help needed for the unemployment system. Today is the first time Ohio has needed to borrow money from the federal government during the pandemic. A credit line of $3.1 billion was given to the state … More >>

The Director of the Ohio Health Department steps down effective Thursday. Governor Mike DeWine says he has accepted the resignation of Doctor Amy Acton. She was front and center during Ohio's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, where she has received praise and criticism from state lawmakers … More >>

Gov. Mike DeWine announced his start to police reform following global protests over the death of George Floyd. DeWine is urging the 400 police agencies in Ohio to seek certification with the state. 79 percent of agencies in Ohio are certified in use of force and recruitment standards by the… More >>

Over the past week and half, there have been 5 incidents statewide where ODOT workers or vehicles have been hit in work zones, including one in Putnam county.    On June 3rd, an ODOT pickup truck was hit, as an employee was putting out signs for a work zone.  That employee was not injured, b… More >>

 Governor Mike DeWine announced that amusement parks like Cedar Point and Kings Island can open on June 19th, but it could be closer to July before they will. Friday, Richard Zimmerman, the CEO of Cedar Fair, which owns both Cedar Point and Kings Island, says their parks will need two to thr… More >>

They may have not been together physically, but the 2020 graduates of Rhodes State Collage were there in spirit during a virtual graduation.Because of the limitation of mass gatherings because of COVID-19, the college decided to hold a ceremony online for the 337 graduates.  The graduates he… More >>

Summertime means people are gearing up to soak up some sunshine and do all kinds of things outside, but one thing to consider while you're making your summer activity list, is how to stay safe while having fun. The American Township Fire Department gave us a few tips on water safety, whether… More >>

Over the last few weeks, we've been enjoying the lower gas prices statewide, but prices in Ohio have been slowly on the rise. GasBuddy says gas prices in the state have risen just over two cents per gallon over the last week, averaging a $1.97 a gallon for the state. More >>

As part of an order signed by Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, child care facilities in the state of Ohio can officially open for all families, rather than just for essential and healthcare workers, which had been the case since mid-March. Of course, much like businesses and… More >>

A SpaceX rocket launched Saturday off the same launch pad that Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew used for their historic flight in 1969. The rocket is the first launch in 9 years to take astronauts to the International Space Station from U.S. Soil.  All trips by U.S. Astronauts were done… More >>

After a vote in the Ohio House of Representatives, the state could see sports gambling sooner rather than later. On a vote of 83 to 10, the House passed House Bill 194. It would legalize sports gambling online and at various institutions like casinos. Bob Cupp was one representative who vote… More >>