Unanswered Questions in the Death of Keith Bemis

30 year-old, Navy Chief Petty Officer, Keith Bemis had a zest for life. He loved his job on the USS Independence, his family, his girlfriend, and even volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  

But his seemingly picture-perfect life took a turn for the worst, nearly two years ago. 

His death was ruled a suicide, but his parents, Tony and Sue Bemis, do not, for one moment believe Keith would take his own life.  

The words "spider-trash" written in spanish were found on the back of his neck, as well as homosexual slurs on his buttock. A forensic specialist who looked at the autopsy pictures, also found it suspicious the San Diego Medical Examiner ruled the death a suicide. But even more suspicious is the bullet wound. Keith allegedly shot himself with a 40 caliber handgun in the head,,, but the wound appears to be much smaller, and inconsistent with the bullet size. 

The Sheriff's Department, NCIS, and Medical Examiner in San Diego have not been very helpful to the family, nor has the Armed Services Medical Examiner, who says he never saw Keith's autopsy photos, despite signing off on them.

At this point the Bemis' just want justice for their son.

Tony and Sue Bemis contacted representative Jim Jordan and Senator Sherrod Brown, and have asked them to start a congressional inquiry into their son's death.