About Us

About Us

Your Hometown Stations is the regions leader for local News, Weather and Sports. We cover the stories you want to see all around West Central Ohio.

Our news content is available live on air, online and on your phone. You are also able to get all of your local news right here on hometownstations.com both on your desktop and mobile devices when you’re on the go.

Your Hometown Stations is a FOX/NBC/ABC/CBS-affiliated television station located at 1424 Rice Avenue in Lima, Ohio. Your Hometown Stations is owned by Block Communications, located at 405 Madison Avenue in Toledo, Ohio.


1935: WBLY Radio, AM 1240 signs on here at Rice Ave.

February 28, 1939: WBLY Radio changes to WLOK.

April 18, 1953:WLOK-TV, Channel 73 [Pixley Inc.] signs on the air.

December 8, 1954:WLOK-TV sold to Northwestern Ohio Broadcasting Corporation [the owners of WIMA Radio].

December 9, 1954: WLOK Radio signs off for the last time.

April 24, 1955: WLOK-TV, Channel 73 changes to WIMA-TV, Channel 35.

March 1958: WIMA-TV begins airing NBC Programming in color.

March 1963: WIMA-TV begins the 5-year local transition from Black & White to Color which would be fully completed in 1968.

July 16-24, 1969: WIMA-TV provides live coverage from the home of Neil Armstrong's parents in Wapakoneta during the Apollo 11 moon landing to all three networks and worldwide satellite.

September 1, 1971: WIMA-TV changes to WLIO-TV as WIMA Radio is sold to Lima Broadcasting Corporation.

February 1, 1972: WLIO-TV sold to Toledo Blade [75%] and Midwestern Broadcasting [25%] of Toledo.

October 1982: Blade Communications [now Block Communications] buys out Midwestern Broadcasting, becomes sole owner of WLIO-TV.

December 28, 1984: "Easter's Parade" airs for the last time.

July 1986: WLIO-TV begins airing programs in Stereo.

March 4, 1996: WLIO-TV begins broadcasting 24/7.

November 18, 2002: WLIO, Digital Channel 8 signs on the air.

February 5, 2009: Block Communications Corporation purchases TV67 Inc. [WOHL/FOX, WLMO/CBS, WLQP/ABC, and WFND-LP/America One-Findlay].

June 12, 2009: WLIO, Analog Channel 35 signs off for the last time @ 7:00 a.m.

August 17, 2009: WOHL-CD, Digital Channel 35, signs on the air @ 7:00 a.m. With that, WLIO [8.1-NBC/8.2-FOX] and WOHL-CD [35.1-ABC/35.2-CBS] becomes the first single operation in the United States to have all 4 major Television Networks.

April 1, 2018: WFND-LP/America One-Findlay changes to WFND-LD/BCSN 24 hour Sports in HD.