What do you know about the history of America’s favorite sandwich, the hamburger?

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Sef “Burger Beast” Gonzalez answers that question with his new book, All About the Burger and he was signing copies of it Friday evening at Lima’s historic hamburger place, Kewpee. Gonzales started by creating the Burger Museum at the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida, which is filled with memorabilia from restaurants across the country. Then he decided to write a book about the rise of the hamburger in the United States, that includes Kewpee, which he has a fascination with since visiting Lima three years ago.

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“My friend George Motz who also wrote a book told me about it. I came here and I have been obsessed, not only with the food, but collecting anything. And at the museum, I have my own little Kewpee area, which I am always looking to grow. So if anyone has anything out there, I am looking for it,” said Sef “Burger Beast” Gonzalas, Author of All About the Burger

If you would like to expand your hamburger knowledge, the book can be found on Amazon or you can request it at your local booksellers. You can check out his museum at burgerbeastmuseum.com

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