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President Trump continued to defend the idea of a southern border wall as he made a trip south to McAllen, Texas.

The President held a round table discussion on immigration and border security as he looks to secure $5.7 billion for a wall. Trump has thought about declaring a national emergency if he cannot secure funding and end the partial government shutdown. Senator Sherrod Brown said he sees the only way the shutdown ending if congress does it's job to get a bill done and if the president vetoes it, they would have to override that.

President Trump making his first prime time address to the public earlier Tuesday evening, to talk about securing the nation's southern border with Mexico. President Trump spoke from the Oval Office for about 10 minutes, during which time he outlined for the American people, the administration's plans for new border security measures.

Tuesday night many people tuned in to hear President Donald Trump address the nation, delivering a message of unity in a soft voice to a joint session of congress.

The 2016 Presidential Race is certainly one of the most highly publicized contests in history. With the most recognized candidates of the race being former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and billionaire businessman Donald Trump, a local man is gearing up yet again to run the race to be the new leader of the free world.