From face painting to dressing as a mascot, sports super fandom has its roots in society.

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Many become fans of a certain team based on how they were raised in their homes. But loving sports may go deeper than just cheering for your favorite team. Choosing a sports team to root for can be part of an individual's effort to connect with the rest of society. Some people may not have a favorite sports team or even like sports, but having a favorite sports team can help people identify with the rest of sports-crazed society, especially if that team is from your hometown.

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"And you may not live there anymore, and you may not have any connection to the team. You may not even like football anymore. But all of a sudden, somebody starts doing well, and you feel this pride and this happiness that something good is happening for your hometown and that I think as much as anything, is what is driving a lot of the fandom," said Robert Carrothers, Associate Professor of Sociology at ONU.

Carrothers teaches a "Sport in Modern Society" class at Ohio Northern University.

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