Delphos Canal Museum dedicates exhibit to Leslie Peltier

“The world’s greatest non-professional astronomer” now has a lasting exhibit to honor his love of watching the stars. The Delphos Canal Museum dedicated their newly completed Louis Peltier exhibit Saturday complete with a replica of the merry-go-round observatory that he built. The rotating observatory was the first in the world able to follow the stars. Over the years he discovered comets, novae and over 132,000-star observations. Now his hometown wants to make sure that people know just how he made his mark in the world and in the sky.

Delphos Canal Museum dedicates exhibit to Leslie Peltier

“There is a lot of people in the area that knew Leslie Peltier, but really didn’t understand his importance to the astronomy world,” says Bob Ebbeskotte a Trustee with the Delphos Canal Commission Board. “This exhibit, we try and make sure they know that he was famous. He is famous worldwide and a lot of people looked up to him as a role model as astronomers.”

It was fitting that they open the exhibit Saturday, because he discovered his first comet on November 13th.

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