Schools supporting injured football player with #shanestrong

Back on September 1st, Cavalier Shane Homan suffered from a spinal injury during a football game and was life-flighted to Dayton for surgery.

Since then, schools in the MAC and in the area have been supportive of Shane, a massive response that wasn't expected, but most certainly appreciated.

"It really is a large community, so to speak, an extended family as we say for our football team," said Chip Otten, Head Football Coach for Coldwater. "We really appreciate all of the support, and I'm sure that Shane does as well - he sees all of it, and I think it's really helping him emotionally to stay positive."

One of those MAC schools is Delphos St. John's, who raised money for the Homans - overall, the Blue Jays managed to raise over 600 dollars. The school also formed a #9 - Shane's jersey number - in their gym, which was the idea of Jill Gemmer, a junior at the school.

Together the Jays gathered in prayer for Shane, something that they say means a lot for them to be able to do for a fellow MAC athlete.

"Here at St. John's, we really cherish when we need to pray and to worship the Lord, and that's what we can offer to Shane and his family, just being there for him spiritually during this time," said Fr. Scott Perry, Assoc. Pastor and School Chaplain at Delphos St. John's.

Shane's mother Tara also released a statement on Shane's recovery: "Shane has been in the Miami Valley Hospital rehab unit since Friday night and is continuing to progress. He's adjusting to the wheelchair quite well. Little victories are still victories. One day at a time! We appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers. Keep 'em coming! Also, we appreciate all of the little things everyone is doing for us here and back home."

If you would like to make a donation to the Homan family, you can make checks out to Shane Homan and mail them to Coldwater High School at 310 North 2nd Street, Coldwater, OH, 45828, Attn: athletic department.

Cards can be sent to Miami Valley Hospital, One Wyoming St., Dayton, OH 45409.