A bill introduced in the Ohio House would require schools to provide information to parents on how they can get their child exempt from getting the required vaccines.

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If passed, House Bill 132 would require schools to supply information on both the required vaccinations and how to get a waiver for them. Right now, most schools in our area stick to requiring only the vaccines mandated by the Ohio Department of Health in order to attend school, like the mumps, polio, and chickenpox vaccines.

Parents are able to seek waivers for their children to avoid getting the vaccines, something that has become more popular in recent years.

"We're seeing a lot of more holistic healthcare," said Annette Venturella, a registered nurse for Lima Central and St. Charles Catholic Schools. "Parents are just shying away from medications and things like that, vaccinations. Different personal beliefs, we're seeing more of."

Lima City Schools also offers waivers for parents who do not want their children vaccinated. If one of their schools were to have an outbreak of some kind, the families of students who have not received vaccinations for that disease are alerted so they can plan accordingly.

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"They're going to be very susceptible to whatever it is," said Kate Morman, Director of Health Services for Lima City Schools. "I know they talk about in some of the western states they're starting to see measles again. Well, if you're not immunized and as that starts moving this way, they need to be aware that since they weren't immunized they're going to be much more susceptible to having that. So, we let them know, hey, this is what we're seeing, be watching for these signs and symptoms in your students."

As for Lima City students who do get vaccinated, Morman says having access to the Spartan Health Center" at Lima Senior helps to make the process easier for students.