Lima City Council awaits response to allegations against Jamie Dixon

We followed up with the Lima law director regarding the accusations made against city councilman Jamie Dixon.

Last night, Dixon was demanded by Lima businessman, Ray Magnus, to resign, citing Dixon doesn't live in the Fifth Ward anymore. According to Law Director Tony Geiger, by charter, council members are required to reside in their ward during election and their tenure on the council. According to the board of elections, the address Dixon has on file is in his ward on Second Street. Magnus created a report detailing his own two and a half week surveillance stating he saw Dixon at the Second Street address at least once and at a residence in the Fourth Ward on multiple occasions.

"Right now there's nothing that needs to be done," Geiger said. "I presume that councilman Dixon will issue some sort of response to the allegations made by Mr. Magnus. then based upon what Mr. Dixon's response is, council will then be in a position to have to decide how it wants to proceed."

Dixon was asked last night in council chambers for his reaction to this accusation, he said he has no comment at this time. He hasn't gotten back to us when we reached out to him on Tuesday. 

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