Village Of Minster First In The Country To Combine Solar Energy With Storage System

The Village of Minster is being called a pioneer in the electrical industry. 

Soon, the village will be the first public power community in the country to combine the use of a solar energy field and an energy storage system. 

Last December, the solar panels came online and are now producing 13 percent of the energy needed to keep all the lights on in Minster. Village officials say this saves them money on transmission and distribution. 

On a sunny day, the field can generate up to three megawatts of energy. The project is funded entirely by an investor, Half Moon Ventures, out of Chicago. It's a partnership between Minster, Half Moon, American Renewable Energy and Power, and S & C Electric. 

Village officials say combining solar energy with the storage system will be profitable for the investor and be beneficial to Minster.

Residents and businesses can also hope to see a small change on their electric bills. 

The energy storage systems are currently being installed and are expected to be charging up on solar energy by the middle of March. They can store up to seven mega watts of energy.

Village officials say a "flip the switch" ceremony will be held in March.