O-G High School enters lockdown after threat

Ottawa-Glandorf High School was put into lockdown Tuesday after a possible threat was made against students there.

According to the school district, a student made the school aware of a possible general threat against a student or students at the high school. The Ottawa Police Department was dispatched to the school and placed them under a modified lockdown - that means that students and staff continue with a normal schedule, but the doors are locked and visitors have to report to the front office to be let in. The police department and Putnam County Sheriff's Office are both working on this case, those with the Ottawa Police Department say that the lockdown was for safety's sake.

"Anytime we get any time we get any kind of threat, no matter how serious the threat may be, we take them all very seriously - our main goal is to ensure the safety of the students and the staff as well," said Lt. Josh Strick with the OPD.

The case is still under investigation. As of now, there is no continuing threat or charges pending.