They say it will be detrimental to small businesses and will make Ohio less competitive for new business.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is urging people to voice concern over the recent changes made by the Ohio House to House Bill 166. This is the state's operating budget for 2020 to 2021. In it, they have lowered the deductible pass-through income by $150,000 and removed the 3% tax rate cap on income above $100,000 and increased it to 5%. Proponents say that increase will fund an income tax-cut across the board for Ohioans. The Chamber says it's a cut that Ohio small businesses are going to foot the bill on as their taxes increase

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"This is very important so if you're a small business owner or you know a small business owner and you feel that it's important for them to save money and you're against this then we very strongly encourage you to go to the link and file on to the petition so that you can let your representatives know how you feel," said Nicole Scott, Lima Allen County Chamber of Commerce vice president.

You can make your voice heard at House Bill 166 has been moved onto the Senate Finance Committee.

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