Ways to pack a healthy lunch this school year

The new school year is fast approaching and that means it's time for parents to start packing lunches again – which can feel like a chore. So, how can you make them something that's quick and easy but also nutritious?

Ways to pack a healthy lunch this school year

Dietitians say what your child eats really does matter. Especially since it can affect their energy and ability to concentrate. Their lunches don't have to be elaborate. Simple things like whole wheat crackers, deli meat, low-fat cheese, and yogurt are all good options. You could also give them chicken, hard-boiled eggs, hummus, beans, mixed nuts, carrots, apple slices, or a peeled clementine. If you have leftovers from dinner the night before, you could pack those using an insulated container. Meal prepping can be another big-time saver.

Ways to pack a healthy lunch this school year

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