Media Release from the Allen County Sheriff's Office

As of today at 12:00 PM, I can release the following additional information related to yesterday’s pursuit and subsequent officer involved shooting.

The suspect was positively identified as Terry Pierce Jr. Date of Birth 10-23-1972. Terry’s last known address was on Briggs Ave. in the Village of Spencerville, Allen County, Ohio.

The semi tractor operated by Terry during the pursuit was reported stolen from a GLM Transport location in the City of Van Wert, Ohio (Van Wert County). Terry was not an employee of the company and we cannot confirm a reason for stealing the semi tractor at this time.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team was involved in the pursuit. The SWAT Team was immediately available due to being on a training assignment at a nearby location. Once the SWAT Team was notified of the ongoing incident, they immediately terminated their training exercise and deployed to the scene.

I am still unable to release the number of officers involved in the shooting and the number of rounds fired but I can confirm that Allen County SWAT Officers were the only officers that discharged their weapons during the incident.

We were notified that an accident occurred between two semi-tractors on U.S. 30 and it is currently being investigated by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. This accident was not the result of any direct law enforcement action eg. stop sticks, vehicle maneuvers, etc. This accident occurred several miles west of the ongoing pursuit.

Matthew B. Treglia, Sheriff

Your News Now at Six - 9/3/18

A man in a semi-truck strung along police for hours and threatened innocent people.

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A Spencerville area man refused to pull over when the Spencerville Police Department attempted a traffic stop. What ensued was a nearly two-hour chase resulting in the man’s death.

"Negotiators did attempt to talk to him," said Lt. Andre McConnahea of the Allen County Sheriff's Office. "They used multiple means to stop him peacefully, as peacefully as they could. They used stop sticks and other means. They did attempt-negotiators did attempt to get him to stop. He refused to do so he remained combative with negotiators verbally and at that point negotiations ended with him."

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Spencerville police attempted to conduct a traffic stop because of what police call a 'criminal complaint' against the man. He never stopped leading police all over Allen County, flying by businesses in Gomer and at one point in Wan Wert County, he threatened to kill people.

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"At a point towards the end of the pursuit, the individual drove the semi into the oncoming lanes of travel, at which point he became an imminent threat to the traveling public," McConnahea said.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office fired into the semi killing the man, ending the chase at U.S. 30 and Feasby Wisener Road. It’s unclear how many bullets were fired.

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"Every chase is different," said McConnahea. "We take a lot into consideration as far as the type of roadways they’re on, the traffic, speeds, things like that. They also have to take into consideration what the individual may do, should they stop. And like I said in this scenario he had made threats to harm other people."

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We don’t know what his motive was, but the sheriff’s office said three outside agencies are coming into investigate and we should know more in a couple of days.

Press Release from the Allen County Sheriff's Office

This morning (9-3-2019) at approximately 8:11 AM a Spencerville Police Department Patrol Unit attempted to stop an individual operating a semi-truck as it was leaving their village. The Spencerville unit was attempting to stop the individual due to a reported criminal complaint involving the operator. The operator refused to stop and a pursuit was initiated. Multiple agencies, including our office (Allen County (OH) Sheriff’s Office), the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office, joined the pursuit in an effort to aid the Spencerville Police Officer. The operator fled throughout Allen County and eventually entered U.S. 30 westbound near Delphos. During the course of the pursuit, multiple attempts were made to stop the operator, via negotiators over the phone, stop sticks, shooting remaining tires, and vehicle maneuvers. The driver refused all orders to stop and made multiple and repeated threats to kill people. While fleeing on U.S. 30 westbound, the operator drove into the eastbound lanes of travel and continued to travel west against oncoming traffic. At that time, pursuing officers determined the operator and semi were an imminent threat to the safety of citizens and made the determination to neutralize the threat by firing on the operator. The operator was struck by gunfire and the semi eventually came to a complete stop in the eastbound lanes of travel at approximately 10:04 AM near the intersection of U.S. 30 and Feasby Wisener Rd. in Van Wert County, Ohio. The number of officers, and rounds fired upon the suspect, is unknown at this time. The investigation is being handled by the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office, Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigations. The suspect, a 46 year-old white male resident of Allen County, Ohio, died at the scene. The suspects name cannot be released at this time pending notification of next of kin. No other citizens or officers were injured during the incident. Additional information will be released as quickly as the investigation allows.

Matthew B. Treglia, Sheriff Allen County 

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