The case against 32-year-old Gabriel Salyers resumed Wednesday morning.

The state bears the burden to prove Salyers committed the crimes and began calling witnesses. After two Lima Police Department officers testified, Detective Brian Snyder took the stand and his two-hour interrogation was played for the jury.

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It was then they heard Salyers deny any wrongdoing and called it a normal day, he did not recount any time 18-month-old Jaxxon Sullivan could have sustained injuries to his head, abdomen or penis.

"He's in there breathing and the bottle was in his mouth. So I grabbed the bottle out of his mouth, don't want him to choke and me and her walk out. It's been about 10 minutes since he laid down then and we kept the door open. That's when she went to check on him again because he hadn't been feeling good, breathing, and stuff. That's when she come out and say he wasn't breathing," said Gabriel Salyers, during interrogation on April 1st.

A subsequent second interrogation occurred on April 3 after Salyers said he had time to think. This time altering his first statements saying he saw Shelly Wireman, Sullivan's mother, flick his penis on that Easter Sunday. He also said he saw her hit the infant on the head on Thursday earlier in the week and that a bruise on his neck existed prior to Sunday.

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"But I did see her flicking it. Flicking, like that. I'm not saying that she didn't pinch it or that she was but I did see her flicking it. She could have pinched it before I walked in and seen it. That's what got me walking back there because I heard he was crying," said Gabriel Salyers, during April 3rd interrogation.

A caseworker from Allen County Children Services testified she had not seen any bruises on Sullivan when she met him Thursday, March 28th. During the second interrogation, a detective said medical officials told him the injuries Sullivan sustained had to have occurred on that Sunday.

The trial will resume Thursday morning with the completion of the video interrogation.