Crews working to repair wind damage

High winds causing havoc around the area, keeping area street and power crews busy.

Winds of more than 55 miles per hour have caused tree limbs to fall; knocking down power lines. The wind has also cut off power for traffic lights. As of 2 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, there were a little more than 2,300 power outages in the Lima area. Because the winds are above 30 miles per hour line workers are not able to use the certain equipment to restore power. But the AEP manager says they will fix the issues as soon as they can.

"We’ll keep at it as we can and we’ll keep assessing it and as we get it assessed once the wind has subsided a little bit and we get to a point where things start to calm down we’ll get some event EPRs out there," said Dave Callahan, AEP Ohio Emergency Preparedness Manager.

Crews working to repair wind damage

As people travel this evening, the City Streets Department encourages people to be cautious. The evening street crew will be increased Wednesday night to ensure any wind damage is addressed in a timely manner.

"If you see a crew or a wire down don’t try to drive around it or over it because you don’t know know if it’s powered up or not," said Warner Roach, Lima Public Works Street Division Deputy Director. "With traffic lights if you see them not working please use extreme caution when trying to get through an intersection."

This night street crew was increased Wednesday night to ensure any wind damage is addressed in a timely manner.


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