Bath students hold a mock trial

It was standing room only in an Allen County courtroom, Tuesday morning, as the jury went into deliberations. It was the case of the missing basketball cards.

Third graders from Bath Elementary School holding a mock trial as part of their annual Government Day. The students toured offices at the courthouse and ended up in Allen County Common Pleas Court Judge, David Cheney's courtroom. The state's case claim that the plaintiff found her rookie Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant trading cards gone after her friend, the defendant, left her house. The defendant was seen with three of the same cards at school the next day, but says she got those cards from her cousin and they weren't the plaintiffs. The jury came back with a guilty verdict.

The youngsters enjoyed role playing as they learned. The students were also able to ask Judge Cheney questions such as how old to you have to be to be a judge and where do you take the people who are found guilty.