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7/14/22 Media Release from the Delphos Police Department: The Delphos Police Department received 349 calls for service in the month of June, bringing the total to 1916 calls for the year. The following is a partial list of calls handled for the month of June and do not include traffic citations, crashes, ect. 

Just a reminder to anyone driving or riding in a golf cart within the City of Delphos. The max number of passengers including the driver is 4. All occupants must be wearing a seatbelt and/or be riding in a child car seat. Operation of a golf cart is not permitted on State Routes or on streets with a speed limit above 25 miles per hour. If you would like a copy of the City of Delphos ordinances pertaining to the operation of golf carts with-in the city, stop by the police department and pick up a copy.

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