10:58 p.m. UPDATE: Around 6:48 p.m. the fire department was dispatched to Walmart. Officials say the customers inside saw the fire and heard the explosion after. No one was hurt and they are suspecting foul play. They haven't found any devices yet but the bomb squad has sent in a K-9 unit to search. Hazmat team and Shawnee Fire are also on scene.

Your News Now at Ten -5/6/19

Reports indicate the Walmart in Kenton has been evacuated after a fire inside the store.

Fire crews were sent to the store just before 7.p.m. Monday evening. WKTN Radio says the store was evacuated because of the fire. We have also confirmed the Lima-Allen County Bomb Squad was activated and dispatched to Hardin County earlier this evening, although authorities have not confirmed they were sent to the Walmart. Your Hometown Stations will continue to follow the story and have updates when we know more.

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